How do earn money from website

Hello everyone,

                             Today we are going to see how do earn money on website. you will earn by website with google AdSense, affiliate marketing, own advertising and etc… Today millions of people earning from websites with the help of AdSense. I suggest to you WordPress is one of the major website or blog maker here the thousands of theme are available in WordPress.let’s see how do create a website and earning.


  • Login to WordPress create a new website and choose fabulous theme.
  • Add new post to type normal microsoft word format its very easy you don’t know any codaing or HTML
  • Then add your content what you like to say to others
  • If you complete the post then go to setting page to add some seo tools
  • It is must to add for appear on search engine. Tag,categories, featured image and etc..
  • You select the easy and different of you content heading. It is very important for someone find your post. 
  • Then publish the post and share this on social medias.


  1. Don’t copy others content.
  2. Publish a 100+ posts on website for AdSense approval
  3. If you wanna AdSense approval you must get normal or good traffic for your website.
  4. At least you need daily 100 page views
  5. Tag ,categories, title is very important for appear on search engines.

*****All the best*****

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