One World Trade Center Newyork,USA

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                             This time we are going to know about the one world trade center in world trade center is on of the tallest building in the world and also it is only one tallest building in the United States of America. One World Trade Center recaptures the New York skyline, reasserts downtown Manhattan’s preeminence as a business center, and establishes a new civic icon for the country. It is a memorable architectural landmark for the city and the nation, and connects seamlessly to the city with linkages to an extensive underground transportation network. Extending the long tradition of American ingenuity in high-rise construction, the design solution is an innovative mix of architecture, structure, urban design, safety, and sustainability.

One World Trade center,USA

Detais about One World Trade Center

  • construction 2005 to  2014
  • 546.2 meter height
  • 104 floors
  • 5 ground floors
  • 3,501,274 sq ft of floor area
  • location  –  285 Fulton Street  Manhattan, New York City
  • 73 elevators
  • cost 3.9 billion USD

materials  are  

  • Core: Reinforced Concrete
  • Columns: Steel
  • Floor Spanning: Steel



Global Ranking #6 Tallest in the World 
Regional Ranking #1 Tallest in North America
National Ranking #1 Tallest in United States
City Ranking #1 Tallest in New York City

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