How do Earn Money from YouTube

Hello everyone,

Today we are discuss about how earn money from YouTube. YouTube is one best video sharing platform in the world. YouTube gives a opportunity for talented persons who got the talent in their passions. We have create a own content with our talent google ads place on our content that helps to earn money. this is way for we are earn from YouTube. here the steps to earn from YouTube.



  1. Login to YouTube with the help of gmail. start your channel
  2. Create your own content to upload on your channel.
  3. Type title,content description and tags is very important.
  4. Share your video’s to social media’s.
  5. After monetization ads are display on your video
  6. This ways you are earning from YouTube.

Note 1:  New 2018 rules you will have 4000hrs watching time with 1000 subscribers.

Note 2: Content of video is own ,don’t copy others contents.

Note 3: tags are very important for someone’s find your video.

Note 4: The earnings are transfers to google AdSense, they transfer earnings to your bank account.( min threshold is 100$)

If you want to grow your earning you must put good contents on YouTube. today billions of members available in YouTube.

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